Sarang House 2015 Summer Trip

This past July, we sent out our 9th China Mission team to Sarang House Orphanage to serve for 2 weeks. This year's theme was Latin America, as team members were excited to share with the students culture and language from different parts of the world.

Programs included VBS songs and dance, English and Spanish classes, arts and crafts, toy and application design, and health and wellness. This year's team also prepared a Carnaval as a special treat and ended the 2 week trip with the yearly tradition of fireworks and a dance party.

It is always incredible to see how quickly relationships become solidified and how people from across the world can be united under the banner of love. This year's team came back with so much more than expected, including relationships and memories that will not soon be forgotten. We look forward to next year and for even more amazing things ahead.