IGNIS Mentioned in TIME Magazine

 image from TIME article

image from TIME article

What do you think of when you hear the word North Korea?

This TIME Magazine article was published one year ago from this month (August 24, 2017). It was published when political tensions were at their highest and when humanitarian work in the DPRK met many challenges to continue on-going support.

Since then, much has happened in one year's time. Tensions still exist between the US and DPRK, and there are still many uncertainties for continuing humanitarian work. However, this article is a good reminder of the good things that are happening in North Korea. It puts aside political views to look beyond the surface into the positive impact of engaging with DPRK.

The 200 Americans Living in North Korea Have Little Time Left to Leave

Many of the Americans who call North Korea home are pushing the Trump administration for new permission to return despite the travel ban.

IGNIS Article in Mission Frontiers

 Mission Frontiers - May/Jun 2018 Issue

Mission Frontiers - May/Jun 2018 Issue

Mission Frontiers recently wrote an article about one of IGNIS Community's project - BUILDING HOPE - in their May/June 2018 issue. IGNIS' project was also featured as one of the extraordinary things that are happening in DPRK.

Check out IGNIS' article in Mission Frontiers' May/June 2018 issue ↓

Hope for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in the DPRK

Hope for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in the DPRK: Treatment for children with developmental disabilities is available for the first time in the DPRK. Prior to this project, no official specialized medical training or therapy existed for children with cerebral palsy or autism in the DPRK.

If you like this article, please make sure to check out IGNIS website for our current projects.

Joy's article in the Sojourners Magazine

 Photo by  Rene Böhmer  on  Unsplash

Photo by Rene Böhmer on Unsplash

Sojourn Magazine recently published an article written by one of our director, Joy, in the September/October 2018 issue. The article is an excerpt of her new book that speaks about her experience living in DPRK for more than a decade. The book will be available soon this coming October.

Living as Christians in North Korea

In North Korea, Christians are sometimes cast as enemies of the state. CHRISTIANITY IS THE ONLY religion in North Korea that is considered to be strictly a foreign religion. North Korea considers Christianity to be the forefront of American imperialism.

Joy's Interview with MCC


Check out the interview our Director, Joy Yoon, had with MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) last May 15th, 2018.  She talks about life on the ground in North Korea and how prayer is bringing peace within reach.


Learn, Pray, and Join us in the process of reconciliation

Help Bring Esther Home!

The Yoon family is expecting a girl!

After the miraculous adoption of Jacob, the family is now being blessed with the gift of a second adoption!

 Nutsa at (#) months

Just last week, the Yoon family received and accepted a referral from the Republic of Georgia. They hope to name their little girl Esther Jeorgia because they believe that she is coming to their family at a special time, “For such a time as this!”

 Nutsa at (#) years
 Nutsa at (#) years

Esther is turning two years-old. She has a right leg deformity, meaning that she is missing her shin bone. After bringing her home, she will require surgery and a prosthesis followed by rehabilitation in order to learn how to walk.

There are just a few more papers that need to be completed before the Yoon family finds out when they can go pick her up. Currently, they are in need of $4,655 to cover the referral acceptance fees. Please consider sponsoring their adoption and bringing their little girl home! Every little bit helps and is appreciated!

* Extra funds will be used for travel expenses to pick up Esther from Republic of Georgia.