March Prayer Focus: Cerebral Palsy

March 1st marks the beginning of National Cerebral Palsy Awareness month. We are blessed to be able to care for several children suffering from CP in our rehabilitation center in Pyong Yang; however, there are still many children waiting to be treated and several hundreds more who are still untouched and hidden away in their homes. Families often times lack the general awareness that although there is not a cure, CP can be treated so that the child can live a happy, full life. Most believe the disease is untreatable and leave their children in debilitating circumstances; however with simple physical therapy treatments like the kinds practiced at our rehab center, major improvements can be seen in children's range of motion and quality of life.

We want to bring awareness to families about this disorder that affects so many children not only in our own homes but also abroad in North Korea and China and start the conversation on how we can be more proactive in tackling this issue. With funds continuing to come in for our Pyong Yang Spine Rehabilitation Center (PYSRC), we will continue to press forward towards providing an amazing space where Dr. Stephen and Joy Yoon can continue their work and treat the hundreds of children waiting to be taken in.

We are praying for all of our children in our rehabilitation center and for their families as well as all of those untouched children waiting to be seen and given a second chance at life.

For more information on how you can be a part of this movement, visit our North Korea page or email


Since Thanksgiving, our #SHARETHEWARMTH campaign was launched and active in raising awareness and funds to provide snow boots to children inside North Korea. Thanks to every single individual & group that got involved, we were able to raise over $30,000 from our US office. That means another 3,000 children will receive snow boots this year! As Ignis Community, we are truly so blessed and humbled by all the hearts who contributed to our annual shoe initiative. 

The photos below were taken at some of the orphanages in North Korea our team visited during the last shoe verification trip in October. The joy that the children shared was such a blessing for all of us. Though the sun was shining bright during our trip, current forecast shows parts of North Korea to be as low as 0ºF. We hope these snow boots are helping the children stay warm as they go to school and play with their friends.

Continue to check in for more updates on our Shoe Donation Program. We are excited to deliver more snow boots in 2016 to keep the children cozy again next winter. Thank you for helping us #SHARETHEWARMTH with all the little feet of those in North Korea.