Sarang House is a community that provides long-term care and rehabilitation to orphans and children in need,
fostering them to become confident, positive and productive contributors to society. 

As we transition out from our beloved Sarang House & plan for new, exciting work in China, we want to partner with other like-minded groups and continue to advocate for hopeful change in the lives of children all across this nation. Join us!


The PingYu Home of Hope is one of a very few foreign-run orphanages in China and the third orphanage started by the Next Towns Foundations Inc. in China. Currently, PingYu has over 1,000 registered orphans that need help.

Our goal is to have a home, not an orphanage
— Ben Godard

Ben and Michelle Godard and their three sons Tyler, Eli and Jaxin have opened up their home and their hearts to care for homeless children in Pingyu since March 1st, 2010. Starting with just 9 children ranging in age from 5-8 years old, they are now caring for 36 children in their home. Please join us in walking with them as they become a family to many children in need. 


As their family continues to grow, Ignis would like to partner with our Pingyu Home of Hope family by sponsoring the children there. For $100 a month, you can help the Home of Hope provide for each child that comes into their family.


Swallow's Nest is a small non-profit foster care home located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. Since opening in April 2007, they have been devoted to assisting orphaned and abandoned special needs children.

Swallow's Nest works with the state registered government orphanages in order to provide the best care for abandoned children. 

Currently, with two homes for infants and toddlers, their goal is to provide the needed medical treatment and nutritional supplements for these children until they find their forever families through adoption.