At Ignis Community, our heart has been to ignite hope & transform communities around the world. Specifically for our North Korea engagement, whether that be through providing snow boots to orphans or treating children with cerebral palsy, our desire is to be in community with the children and their families. Since the U.S. sanctions on North Korea were updated and President Obama's Executive Order 13722 was released last March, we have actively pursued interpretive guidance and counsel to adhere to the U.S. government. 

Ignis Community complies with all Treasury (OFAC) and Commerce (BIS) licensing requirements and keeps the Korea Desk at the State Department apprised of our activities. We assure all our donors and other U.S. institutions that Ignis Community has exerted best efforts to be transparent and compliant to our governing authorities. 

BIS has already issued an export license for any medical equipment and goods to North Korea for our Pyongyang Spine Rehabilitation Center. Though a great majority of our humanitarian activity falls under general license 5, in an abundance of caution and with the generous help and depth of experience of the pro bono services of Paul Hastings law firm we submitted a request for a specific license on December 5, 2016.  

We want to be transparent with our generous donors that although we are still receiving donations, currently any financial transactions that do not fall under general license 5, have been put on hold until we obtain a specific license from OFAC.