Please join our efforts to equip children with cerebral palsy, autism and other pediatric developmental disabilities inside North Korea with proper rehabilitation and therapy for their future hope of becoming thriving, vibrant members of society. Our field team of therapists have curated a wish list of items needed to fill our Pyongyang Spine Rehabilitation Center, opening this Fall 2017. All selected items have been subsidized by Community Playthings and Rifton, who offer one of the top quality equipment and therapy goods in the world. 


Browse through our wish list below & select the items you would like to purchase-for-donation on behalf of our patients by adding to your shopping cart. If you would rather donate monetarily, please scroll down and click "Donate to Equip-for-Hope". 

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About the campaign

Through our Pyongyang Spine Rehabilitation Center (PYSRC) program that was launched in 2012, Ignis Community has witnessed breakthroughs in North Korea as cerebral palsy treatment was first pioneered in the country through Dr. Stephen Yoon's encounter with one young girl with cerebral palsy (Read about Bok-Shin here) in Rajin, North Korea. Since then, our vision for PYSRC has been coming to life as we have treated children with cerebral palsy & autism aged as young as 4 months old to growing teenagers from provinces all over North Korea.

Construction for the actual PYSRC building began in 2013 by the help of many donors and grants all over the world. As of March 2017, we have just the interior left to finish. While waiting for the completion of the center, we currently have around eight patients with cerebral palsy and autism being treated in a small 10'x10' room inside the Kim Il Sung University's Pyongyang Medical School Hospital.

The goal of this campaign is to raise $15,000 to fill the new therapy center with appropriate furniture, therapy equipment and toys. These items are not available within North Korea, but are necessary for therapy to be effective and engaging for the children, their families and the therapists. Once our 5-story building is completed by next spring, we will be able to open up the facility to treat hundreds of new patients from all over the country. We invite you to partner with us to raise awareness and funds for cerebral palsy and autism in North Korea.

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