We seek to be a community that is compassionately aware of our neighbors around the world and effectively engage in areas of need.

We believe, when we each do what “little” we can, our efforts are amplified and we become a community capable of doing much.

This is an invitation to rally together to be a community that ignites hope by transforming communities and it begins with US.



The story of Ignis Community is of one becoming two becoming three—hearts coming together over a dream to bring hope to the hopeless. It is a story about a community being forged together with one heart to serve those in need.


Director Jang sees an empty plot of land in Qingdao, China and dreams of a home for abandoned children. Her vision takes root in the rubbles and International Care Community (ICC) comes alongside to build Sarang House Oprhanage, which becomes a home to many orphaned children in China. 


ICC partners with Pastor Albert and Agape Mision Mundial in Tijuana, Mexico to transform the largest garbage dump in the city into a thriving community center.


ICC sends a team of about 20 volunteers from Los Angeles to the Sarang House Orphanage. They are the first of a steady stream that continues to go for the next 10 years, creating unforgettable cross-cultural bonds and influencing the culture of ICC as an organization.


ICC partners with the Hong family and Buenos Amigos, an  on­-site, faith­-based organization working in Santa Rosa, a community affected by extreme poverty on the waters of the Amazon River bordering Brazil, Colombia, and Peru.

Sunyang Hana is formed in South Korea in response to the needs of children in North Korea. Their first step into serving this community is through the development and support of a Kindergarten—the first of many more to come. Over the years, Sungyang Hana’s influence in North Korea continues to expand with their Lunch Box Program, Shoe Donations and continued Kindergarten/Clinic development and support.


Doors open for Sunyang Hana to engage in medical work at Pyongyang University.  They partner with ICC with the dream to build a hospital for children with special needs in North Korea. Together, we begin to lay the groundwork for the Pyongyang Spine Rehabilitation Center.


 ICC and Sunyang Hana officially merge together to form Ignis Community, becoming one with the mission to “ignite hope and transform communities.”