Agape Mision Mundial


In 2004, we began partnering with Agape Mundial in Tijuana, Mexico. This community was located on top of the largest city dump in Tijuana where living conditions are extremely unsanitary and detrimental to the health of community members.

Agape Mundial Church, led by Pastor Alberto Rivera, cleaned the dump site and transformed the grounds into the Agape Mundial Community Center.

After years of wear and tear, it was time for a fresh look. Ignis designed a new plan to upgrade the community center with the help of volunteers. Re-construction included cementing off dirt patches, planting new trees and grass, and installing new trailers and playgrounds on site. 

The new community center, built in partnership with Ignis, is now used for hundreds of functions held by the community including church services, quinceneras, movie showings, and weddings.

Now, the House Los Angeles, one of our partner churches located in Downtown LA, makes bi-monthly trips to the Agape Mundial Community Center to continue to provide support and connect with community members to maintain long-lasting relationships.