PYONGYANG SPINE REHABILITATION CENTER (PYSRC) was birthed out of a vision to see children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) in North Korea realize their full potential as contributing members of their society.

Prior to PYSRC, no official treatment existed because CP was considered to be untreatable or treated with lack of expertise.



Our mission is to provide adequate treatment to patients and to train doctors in non-surgical spine treatment and pediatric rehabilitation best practices. Development of two postgraduate programs in Pediatric CP Therapy and Non-Surgical Spine Treatment is underway and graduates from these specialty programs will return to their own provinces to begin therapy and treatment for rehabilitation patients and children with cerebral palsy throughout each province of North Korea.


Meet the Children

Oo-Ein, a ten year-old girl that came to us, was unable to sit-up or walk. She was quadriplegic and had to be strapped to a chair just to listen in on class lessons. But, after about 11 months of intense therapy, she was able to walk out of the hospital without any assistance. This young lady is now attending regular school and hopes to become a doctor so that she can treat other children like herself someday.
— Joy Yoon, IGNIS Founder & International Director


We currently have an ongoing campaign, EQUIP-FOR-HOPE, to help furnish PYSRC with the proper rehabilitation equipment and therapy tools for the children. Join our efforts today!