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(L to R Stephen, Joy, Sarah, Caleb, Jacob, and Anna visiting Jacob's hometown & caretakers in February

(L to R Stephen, Joy, Sarah, Caleb, Jacob, and Anna visiting Jacob's hometown & caretakers in February


The adoption story

It all started when...

We thought that it was not possible for us to adopt.  And we told Anna this.  But Anna prayed anyway.  She was adamant that she was going to have a little brother, and she prayed every morning for months.  We told Anna, “I don’t think it is possible for us to have another child, but keep praying.  God will have to do this miracle!”

Then in 2016 after about four months of Anna’s prayers, we met our social worker. She herself has adopted eight children. When she heard our story and calling to adopt, she committed herself to help us. She works for the adoption agency called Children’s House International, and she opened the door for us to pursue adoption with this adoption organization.   What a joy it was to then tell Anna that God had answered her prayers!

Consequently in 2016, we started our first adoption process. We requested for a boy with mild to moderate cerebral palsy who was two to five years old. When they showed us the file of our son Jacob who was two at the time, we immediately fell in love. Then in February 2017 just one year later, we picked up the new member of our family. Thankfully, Jacob was very healthy other than some balance and coordination issues. It was an amazing experience first picking him up. While every member of our family was pouring out their love to Jacob, love was overflowing to the rest of our family. As we accepted him into our family, we realized that this is exactly what God has done for us. He accepted us into his family without asking any questions and with no strings attached.  We also feel that this is a demonstration to people around us how to love unconditionally just as God loves us regardless of where we come from or regardless of our physical capabilities.

After two weeks of picking Jacob up, our eldest daughter, Sarah, expressed very strongly that God has called our family to adopt again. Because we had experienced this new level of love, our whole family was immediately on board after she said that. However, we all decided that we should pray and meditate on it more. After about two to three weeks, we all felt that God has called our family to adopt again. Our whole family is prepared to have another child into our family, and we are all very excited about it.

We decided to reapply to China. We even had a referral of a little girl who was about five years old. She was so precious.  We decided to call her Hannah Jade Yoon. Our family really thought that she was going to be the one who was going to complete our family. But unfortunately, we were denied by China because of stricter health requirements. We were so heart broken and discouraged. It was like having a child ripped away from our grasp. We were all discouraged to the point that we were thinking that maybe we shouldn't adopt anymore.

But since Sarah was so committed for us to try again, the whole family decided that it was the right thing to continue to pursue a second adoption. Now, we are pursuing to adopt from the Republic of Georgia or Kyrgyzstan. We are waiting for a child referral. The adoption agency said that a child referral could take up to six to eighteen months.

We are all excited to see who God has prepared for us to be the final member of our family. And ultimately, isn’t it God who is in control of everything? We are trusting Him completely to provide the funds needed for this adoption.  Please join us in this adoption journey!  Already God is demonstrating is love in amazing ways through Jacob, and we look forward to how he will reveal more of his love to those around us through this little girl!

Partner with us to complete the Yoon Family of seven as we hope & pray for the arrival of their daughter!