IGNIS Article in Sojourners

Photo by    Rene Böhmer    on    Unsplash

Sojourners Magazine published an article written by Joy Yoon, IGNIS Co-Founder & International Director, in their September/October 2018 issue.

The article is an excerpt from her new book, Discovering Joy: Ten Years in North Korea, that speaks about her experience living and working in North Korea as a humanitarian aid worker together with her family.

This book gives a rare, clear perspective on the daily living of North Koreans. If you would like to know more about the book, this book is available in Amazon for purchase. But if you would like to also contribute to IGNIS Community, please purchase through Amazon Smile and set us as your charity to support.

Sojourners September/October 2018 issue

Sojourners September/October 2018 issue

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