IGNIS Community in TIME Magazine

The skyline of Pyongyang (image courtesy of TIME Magazine)

The skyline of Pyongyang (image courtesy of TIME Magazine)

One year ago (August 24, 2017), TIME Magazine published an article about IGNIS Community and the work we have done inside North Korea.

The political tension was at its highest and the travel ban to North Korea was just implemented - making it difficult to continue the good work that many NGO has established in the country.

A year has passed and the tension still exist between the United States and North Korea with uncertainties to continue any humanitarian work. However, as recorded in this article, there are good things happening inside North Korea that gives us hope to persevere amidst the difficulties. Let us put aside the political views and look beyond the surface to find the positive impacts of engaging with the “Hermit Kingdom.”

Please click on the link to read more about the article in TIME Magazine or download the article.