IGNIS Interviewed by Plough Magazine

Plough Magazine - Winter 2019 Issue

Dr. Stephen Yoon, IGNIS Founder & International Director, was interviewed by Plough Quarterly. The interview was published as an article in the Winter 2019 issue with the title The Children of Pyongyang.

In this article, Stephen shares his personal experience starting from the moment he made the decision to go into North Korea, the challenges IGNIS had to face, and how being faithful to the small things has opened doors to do the good work we see today.

Joy Yoon (Co-Founder & International Director) teaching children with CP

Joy Yoon (Co-Founder & International Director) teaching children with CP

Today IGNIS Community face yet another challenge because of the travel restriction (the US government has banned all travel to North Korea from 2017), but amidst the difficulties, our direction has not changed. Our mission is to share love with our neighbors in North Korea - and we ask you to join us in prayer to accomplish this purpose.

To read more about the article, please visit Plough Quarterly.